Magento2 Cert questions dump package 1.

Magento2 Cert questions dump package 1. Try this package to pre-exam cert. It will have you a lot of…

Package 1

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1. How do you make a new category attribute available to be edited in the admin panel?


2. You are writing a new admin form uiComponent. The table that you are loading data from has an id column. However, you need to send the data back to the controller with the save_id key and NOT the id key. How do you do this? (choose 2)


3. You are creating a module that adds a free item into the cart when another item is present. The
last part of this is to also remove the free item when the originating item is removed. Where do
you plug in to accomplish this?


4. Magento’s Product repository uses the getList($filter)method retrieve a list of products. As you are preparing to retrieve a list of products, you need to specify what products to retrieve. Which of the following classes will help you formulate the filter?


5. A magento instance has 3 websites. Website 3 has 3 store views. The merchant has requested that a product in Website 3 in Spanish store view has a special price. What do you tell the client?


6. You added a new widget for the WYSIWYG editor. After reviewing your work, your client, who is familiar with HTML, states that MyCompany\MyModule\Block\Widgets\PowerfulWidget is verbose in the code. Keeping maintainability in mind, How can you shorten this up?


7. You need to create a custom price calculator for simple products. You have already created the new price model. Keeping simplicity in mind, what additional steps do you take to implement this? (choose 2)


8. How do you add a new option to the Sort By dropdown on category page?


9. You are adding a fee total model to quotes. What class should your new total model extend?


10. How would you add dependent configuration field in the magento 2?


11. You have written the following code in your module’s etc/adminhtml/menu.xml file to add a new menu item to the Content menu:

Yet, when you click on the menu item, nothing happens. What is the problem?


12. You need to create new image role “Hover” for products. To accomplete this, you create new product attribute ‘hover_image’. Which attribute defined below is correct.


13. What category path is the category that is the closest to the top of the tree, but still is visible?


14. You are evaluating a 3rd-party module and you see some custom functionality that is executed in an observer of the checkout_cart_add_product_complete. This functionality is expected to run every time a product is added to the cart. Is there a problem?


15. A merchant has asked you to setup a 20% sale on all products in the Men’s Tops category, such that the discount is visible on the product page. What Magento feature is best utilized for this?


16. A root category is associated with which scope:


17. You need to make the customer’s prefix attribute required. Keep upgradeability in mind, how do you make this change?


18. Describe what the Magento Vault module does.


19. The customer’s firstname attribute contains a validation field min length 1 char by default. How
to change it to 2 characters?


20. Keeping maintainability in mind, how do you add a new link to the customer account sidebar?


21. Merchant want to add additional column to My Account – Order History. Keeping
maintainability in mind and don't change/override template
Magento_Sales::order/history.phtml, how do you accomplish this? (choose 2)


22. What interface allows you to access values saved in Store > Configuration?


23. How to get list of Layout XML called for a current page.


24. Which Magento areas natively allow products to be added to the cart? (choose 3)


25. What is the significance of the “resource” attribute while defining the menus in the admin area?


26. How can customer attribute be edited in admin?


27. What must be done differently to properly generate a URL in the Magento backend?


28. You see this code in etc/frontend/routes.xml:

<route id=""mymodule"" frontName=""user-subscriptions"">
<module name=""MyCompany_MyModule"" />
You have placed a controller in Controller/Index/Subscribe.php. At what URL would you visit the
controller listed above?


29. Merchant want shopping cart can be shared among different websites. Which configurations are needed? (choose 3)


30. As you create a controller in Magento’s adminhtmlarea, you must configure it to respond appropriately to the ACL. Keeping simplicity in mind, what steps do you take to implement this?


31. You have created a custom customer attribute that displays the last time that the customer
made a purchase, stored in UTC. This attribute needs to be visible in the Customer grid. The
column is visible, but, when it is loaded, only the date is visible—not the time. You have verified
that both the date and time are stored in the database. Keeping user experience in mind, what
is the solution?


32. You are investigating a Continuous Integration build script and see this command:
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy –jobs=2
What is the effect of the –jobs flag?


33. You are creating an admin uiComponent form. You have written this code for an email field:


However, no data is loading into the email field. What is the solution?


34. How do you configure a store configuration field to obscure input (password entry) and store that value securely? (choose 2)


35. You are creating a new category in a setup script. Which attributes are required?


36. What functions are handled by a product’s type instance? (choose 3)


37. If product price is $50 and tier price is $40 for 3 products and catalog rule applied is $5 flat off for that product. What will be final product price?


38. You are adding an extension attribute to the CustomerInterface class. You have specified data for the extension attribute, but when you check the database, nothing has been saved. Why is that?


39. For a certain EAV entity in a magento installation, you need to create an attribute. You also need to store the value of the attribute appending certain string to every value. How would you accomplish this?


40. You have injected \Magento\Framework\Api\SearchCriteria into the constructor method. You then wrote the following code in a method:
1: $search = $this->searchCriteria->setSortOrders([‘entity_id ASC’]);
2: $this->productRepository>getList($search);

When running this code, you get an error: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 must be an instance of SortOrder, string given. What are two errors present in the examples given? (choose 2)


41. Merchant has requested a new default order status “Pending Review”after placing the order
with COD. Steps to implement it are (choose 3)


42. Which of the following are not adminhtml area routers? (choose 3)


43. You need to render a product’s name and price in a template on the frontend. How do you do this?


44. You have configured a new Catalog Price Rules. Even after double-checking that the Conditions
match products, the updates are not going into effect. No errors are being thrown when the rule
is saved. What is the solution?


45. What is the similarity between static attribute and non-static attribute?


46. What are required steps to create a customer static attribute. (choose 2)


47. What is the purpose of the getFlatColumns method in an EAV’s Source model?


48. Keeping maintability in mind, how do you customize the format of addresses in emails?


49. What additional tools are available in the backend and not in frontend? (choose 3)


50. You are needing to create a new cron group for custom functionality that you are building. Where do you store the default configuration options in your module?


51. For creating a product dropdown attribute with custom module data as data source, which of the following would you use to fetch the result from custom module model?


52. You need to programmatically create a new customer attribute. What steps are required to do this? (choose 3)


53. How to create product attribute only work with bundle product?


54. For fraud prevention purposes, you need to notate the IP address from which a user adds an item to their cart. Which event will allow you access to every cart addition?


55. You are assisting a merchant setting up a Cart Price Rule. They wish to apply free shipping to specific items in the cart (and not the entire cart). How do you implement the filter for the specific products?


56. You are building functionality that saves the values of many models in a for loop. To boost performance, you wrapped the for loop in beginTransaction and commit. After doing this, you are getting a “Integrity Violation Constraint” in an observer you created for the _after_save event for this model. Keeping maintainability in mind, what is the solution?


57. ou need to update the external ERP system after placing order from Magento frontend without affecting the order processing in Magento. How would you proceed keeping maintainability and ease of integration in mind?


58. Which Magento features use or require a customer group? (choose 2)


59. A Magento instance has config Persistent Shopping Cart > General Options > Enabled
Persistence is Yes. Customer see at header panel, “Welcome, Veronica Costello! Not you?”.
Which configuration under Persistent Shopping Cart lets customer see text like that?


60. Customer added product to cart with qty = 1. After login, product in cart has qty = 2. What happened?


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  1. You have created a custom customer attribute that displays the last time that the customer made a purchase, stored in UTC. This attribute needs to be visible in the Customer grid. The column is visible, but, when it is loaded, only the date is visible—not the time. You have verified that both the date and time are stored in the database. Keeping user experience in mind, what is the solution?
    Given answer: Add a new column to the customer_listing uiComponent and specify the date column

    But i think it should be “Change the backend_type from date to datetime”

    1. I showed the answer after submitting the test.

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