Magento2 Cert questions dump package 2.

Magento2 Cert questions dump package 2. Try this package to pre-exam cert. It will have you a lot of…

Example dump questions for magento2 cert package 2.

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1. In a project, product prices are not reflecting on frontend after administrator made price changes in Magento admin panel. You decide to run indexing, how would you proceed?


2. You have added a system configuration field Store Owner Name in module MyModule_MyStoreData. Now you need to add the default value for this field programmatically. In which file would you add this value?


3. You are creating a new module and have specified this in the etc/module.xml:

However, after regenerating app/etc/config.php, the module load order is not changed. What is the solution?


4. What container contains the columns container?


5. Merchant want to add to every page same block instance to top and bottom of page content. But for styling purpose, we need to add different class names. What should we do?


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