Magento2 Cert questions dump package 2.

Magento2 Cert questions dump package 2. Try this package to pre-exam cert. It will have you a lot of…

Example dump questions for magento2 cert package 2.

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1. What are the 3 plugin types in a magento 2 installation? (choose 3)


2. You need to implement a fallback for VAT ID validation to prevent downtime should the validator service be unavailable. How do you add the fallback?


3. You have overridden a core Magento template in your theme. Your updates require logic from \MyClass\Path to render properly. Keeping upgradeability in mind, how do you make this logic available?


4. You need to create a variation of the 2columns-left page layout. This new layout is named text. How do you instruct Magento regarding the new layout type?


5. What container contains the columns container?


6. Which command is used to write system-specific settings to the system-specific configuration file app/etc/env.php


7. How would you enable dependency graph profiler?


8. How do you configure a store configuration field to obscure input (password entry) and store that value securely? (choose 2)


9. Which of the following scenarios will purge the varnish cache automatically in a magento store? (choose 2)


10. Which of the following are auto generated in Magento 2? (choose 3)


11. Which are the Magento’s deployment configuration files?


12. What is the significance of the “resource” attribute while defining the menus in the admin area?


13. Following is the block declaration in a layout xml. How would you access the block argument “customdata” in a template?



14. Merchant want to add to every page same block instance to top and bottom of page content. But for styling purpose, we need to add different class names. What should we do?


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